• Produce the purest water possible
    in the comfort of your own home at the press of a button
    2800 Water Distiller
    with Smart Technology
  • 2800 Water Distiller
    Enjoy the purest water
    Australian & Dutch Design & Engineered
    99.9% chemical & bacteria free
    Introducing the
  • Advanced Features
    3.0 Litre 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Boiling Reservoir
    Water never comes into contact with plastic; no chemical leeching
    Industrial Grade AC Motor with Aluminium Fan
    3.0L Borosilicate Glass Jug (4MM) with Stainless Steel lid
    304 Food Grade Stainless Steel Internal Condenser
    Automatic Shut Down Boil-Dry Protection
    Patented Stainless Steel Connection Mechanism
    Activated Coconut charcoal filter tray (Stainless Steel internal)
    Patented Smart Technology Safety and Protection Sensors

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  • we are water
    our bodies consist of 70% water
    heal yourself with the purest water